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In order to schedule your removal, please provide us with the following information.

What type of insect do you think you have?

Bumblebees & Solitary Bees are both non-aggressive, valuable native pollinators and we do not remove them.
Polistes nests are very common and unless you have more than a dozen active nests, we only collect them from places we are already removing hornets or yellowjackets.

Tell us a bit about the nest you see.

A bit about electricity...

If leaving a cord, please have it plugged in and strung out to within 20ft. of the nest

Keep your animals safe.

It’s important that animals should be at least 50 feet from the nest during removal. It’s preferable for your pet to be secured safely inside.

Your Personal Information & Location

Please list any additional information that may prove helpful when locating and accessing your address & nest.

Thank you for your request!  

We are usually able to get in touch about scheduling an appointment within a few days.  As long as the nest is accessible and easy to locate, it is not necessary for us that you be home in order to do the removal.    

If you are happy with our service… 

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